Modern And Simple Titles V.2

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Modern Easily customizable templates using Premiere Pro, After Effects.

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This Titles V.2 template Includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Customizable Title templates.

— Features —

Premiere Pro

  • Compatible With — Premiere Pro 2020
  • Easy Customization — Available
  • File Included — .mogrt
  • Tutorial — Available

Premiere Pro Introduces Essential Graphics in 2020. You have to import .mogrt file inside Premiere Pro Essential graphics, you can simply drag and drop. After that just drag template in your timeline and customize everything.

Watch Premiere Pro Customisation Tutorial——————–

After Effects

  • Compatible With – After Effects 2020
  • Easy Customization – Available
  • File Included – .aep
  • Duration – Responsive
  • Tutorial – Available
  • Support – Available

Customize Everything within After Effects. Expression Controller is given so you can easily customize templates without diving inside the complex composition. Text is easily replaceable.

Watch After Effects Customisation Tutorial——————–

Guys if you do not want to customize a template by yourself, then our team can do this work for you. You just have to buy support for that product.


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